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Determining whether an area has bed bug infestation can be tricky. Bites and whelps on people are a definite sign. Blood stains or marks on the sheets are another indication. Bed Bugs are not social insects however they still tend to nest together. They must have a blood meal every few weeks in order to survive. However they have been found to be able survive up to 12 months without a meal. When they go for a long period with no meal they will go elsewhere looking for one. You usually can not feel them biting you at the time of their  feeding. Later marks or whelps on the skin will show up. Bed Bugs usually do most of their feeding just before dawn. Sometimes you can find visual adult bed bugs around the seams of mattresses and  boxsprings. Also, headboards and nightstands are a common place for them to harbor. They are transported into a room and they can adapt easily to new surroundings. The nymphs which are just hatched eggs can be as small as a dust flake. There can be hundreds of nymphs and you will not see them. 

  • The dogs start their training at an early age. They are introduced to bed bugs as early as 12 weeks. Their life revolves around find these frstrating pests.
  • The Sensor Dogs use their keen sense of smell and hearing to locate active infestation. Of course by knowing whether there is activity and knowing the exact location the treatment will always be more effective.
  • The handler wears a "work coat" with pockets. This is a signal to the dog that they are going to work.
  • The handler will let the dog inspect the room(s) to satisfy his territorial curiosity.
  • The handler then puts on the dogs "work" collar. The dog then goes into the bed bug inspection mode. This is a game to the dog. When they find the bedbugs the dogs give a pawing alert to the area of activity.
  • After the dog is finished with his inspection if there are any alerts the handler goes back and visually tries to verify activity in the area.
  • The handler is responsible for the care of their partner. Health logs, calibration logs are kept for referral.

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